If there’s anything that’s exciting enough to get kids to ditch their tablets and video games for some fresh air and exercise, it’s dirt bikes. But when is a child ready for riding, and how can parents make sure that their kid’s first experience on a dirt bike is safe? Here’s a short bike safety guide that can help answer these important questions.

Are They Ready?

If a child isn’t quite ready to handle a dirt bike, there should be several clear signs. For example, they probably won’t be able to get on the bike without help or reach the gear shift and brake pedal. Also, if a child isn’t mature enough to be responsible or understand the reasoning behind the rules and safety precautions of riding, then they’re probably not old enough to go out on the trails.

Choosing the Right Bike and Gear

Many dirt bike manufacturers have specific height, weight, and age ranges for different bike sizes. Kids from ages 6 to 11 are generally suited to a 70cc bike or smaller, while teenagers from ages 12 to 15 are more suited to larger bikes with 70 to 90cc engines. And obviously, safety gear such as helmets, gloves, riding suits, and shoes are critical. The child’s equipment should be appropriately sized and fit comfortably.

Setting Rules and Boundaries

Children and teens should only ride while under adult supervision. Understanding the basics of dirt bike safety and the importance of following the rules and boundaries when out on the trail is crucial for keeping children and other riders safe.

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