There’s nothing wrong with getting all of the extras, but sometimes it’s nice to strip things down to their core for a more pure experience. A naked bike is firmly on the latter end of that spectrum when it comes to motorcycles. Naked bikes have an upright riding position without any fairing, windscreen, or other frills like heated handgrips. For a long time, naked motorcycles were far less popular than other models. However, these stripped-down beauties are starting to make a comeback, and here are a few reasons why.


A naked bike isn’t much more than an engine strapped to a couple of wheels, and that means they’re extremely lightweight. By not carrying any extra bulk, naked bikes have explosive acceleration and a low rake that lets them whip around corners with the g-force of a carnival ride.


Riding a naked bike is also a practical choice, especially for the growing number of motorcyclists who live in major cities. A naked bike’s streamlined frame means it can easily fit into small garages or cramped street parking. They’re also among the most fuel-efficient motorcycles on the market, offering some of the best gas mileage available without switching to an electric bike.


One of the most attractive aspects of a naked bike, especially for newer riders, is its low sticker price. The 2019 Forty-Eight®, a naked bike model from Harley-Davidson®, retails new below $11,500. Compared to other motorcycles, naked bikes are very affordable, making them attractive to people who are interested in riding but aren’t ready to commit to the cost of a heftier cruiser or touring bike.

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