It’s still chilly outside, but spring is in the air and that means one thing: it’s almost motorcycle season! While only the bravest Michigan riders have dared to venture out on their bikes this winter, temperatures are almost warm enough for the rest of us to join in the fun. These tips will help every rider prepare their bike as spring’s first ride approaches.

Start Early

It’s a good idea to break the bike out of winter storage a little early to avoid encountering unexpected issues on day one. When ignored, they can quickly turn into expensive problems that require time in a service department. Spending some time inspecting the bike and making necessary repairs now can save time and money when the season finally arrives.

Check the Lights

Depending on how the battery was stored, it could be the first thing that needs to be addressed. As long as the battery is holding a charge, it’s time to check the lights, including the high beams and low beams, brake lights, and all turn signals. It’s particularly important to check the instrument lights. The first night ride of the season isn’t the ideal time to find out they’re not working.

Evaluate the Tires

The condition of the tires will also depend on how the motorcycle was stored, but it’s not uncommon to find low tire pressure in bikes that have been sitting for months. The proper tire pressure for each bike should be outlined in its owner’s manual. Drivers should check for stress marks, cracks, flat spots, and other damage on the tires, while also confirming that the wheels and suspension are in good shape.

Search for Leaks

Riders can experience a number of different leaking problems with their bikes, from damaged hoses to coolant leaks. Before hitting the road, be sure to inspect all hoses, tighten bolts, and top off fluids to avoid an unexpected breakdown.

Schedule Spring Maintenance

The end of winter is the perfect time to schedule a service appointment to have your bike professionally inspected. The service pros at Town & Country Sports Center can check your motorcycle for any issues, making sure you’re ready to ride on the first day of spring. Call Town & Country Sports Center today or visit our showroom to view our motorcycles.