A dirt bike isn’t a showpiece, meant to sit unused behind glass. No, dirt bikes were made to ride through the mud and grass and grit of the backwoods. A good dirt bike is built to take a beating. But even these rugged machines need a little tender love and care every now and then to keep them performing at their peak. Here are three ways anyone can keep their dirt bike in good shape for years to come.

Wash After Use

Letting dirt and other grime build up on a bike doesn’t just look bad. It can actually hurt the bike’s ability to function if it gets into the engine or electrical components. After each ride, dirt bike owners should use a bucket of water and brushes to clean off any debris. A pressure washer can also be used, but the carburetor must be sealed off first.

Clean the Air Filter

A clean air filter improves performance and reduces the long-term strain on the engine. It’s not necessary to clean the filter after every ride, but it should be inspected periodically. When it does need cleaning, bike owners should wash the filter with a prepackaged filter spray or a combination of water and a mild detergent. Then, it should be thoroughly dried before applying filter oil.

Change the Oil

Dirt bikes need their oil changed far more often than cars. Riders should follow the manufacturer’s specifications for their particular bike, but a good rule of thumb is to change out the oil after every eight hours of riding.

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